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To provide tools, support and create experiences where individuals, groups and organizations build the resilience and skills to maintain their wellness, manifest their goals, and build strong leadership to actualize potential and bring about the greatest good.



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"I empower people to empower themselves."

                                                    -Cardum Harmon



Cardum has vision, outlining amazing comprehensive and complex strategies to approach meeting human need.  Ms. Harmon has the broad background necessary to carry out her vision, with experience in a number of endeavors that will support her execution of the task at hand, whatever that may be.  Cardum Harmon is a delight to work with, bringing harmony to all her activities and fostering group cohesion.


Marty Fleetwood, JD


Cardum is that rare person who can establish rapport and earn trust by all who encounter her, because of her true natural presence and abundant good will. Combine that with her remarkable abilities of providing wise counsel and inspired ideas that she can then help others manifest, and you meet a consultant that I applaud and recommend with the highest assurance.


Michael Cornwall, PhD


Finding Your Well is an offering of The Total Health Institute. We recognize the value of individual transformation and collective growth​. THI's mission is to strengthen communities by providing education and resources that offer alternative approaches to wellness and inspire healing and resilience.

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