Cardum Harmon Penn

Personal Bio

Learning to relax in a world where much is expected and attention is constantly demanded can be difficult. In 1991, I began my work as a wellness consultant to mitigate these stressors in my own life and to support those around me. Now as a CEO, Mother, Wife and Artist, maintaining a balance of wellness in all areas of my life is my daily journey and adventure.


When all my trains are arriving on schedule, I feel in control and confident. However, when one derails, before panicking, I have the opportunity to reach into my wellness pack and pull out the support tool that best matches the calamity, or pending crisis. Sometimes I still panic though because I'm human and care deeply.

Whether managing a start up, nonprofit or household, I've treated each challenge like an invitation to dig deep and ask, "What could bring about the greatest good for all?" Knowing that strong leadership, partnership and individual success starts with an honest assessment of what "good" looks and feels like is the first step...

I created Finding Your Well to help others define their"good" as an individual, group or organization.  When we understand what our good looks and feels like, we can operate from a place of wholeness and better define our greatness.