RETREATS: Maximize Your Leadership


By getting people connected to their authentic selves and to those around them, we create a culture of wholeness. Bringing individuals  to a point of appreciation, love and acceptance of each other, builds strong leadership.

Are you are a person who cares for others, professionally or personally? Need a quick self care getaway? Embrace the instructions from flight attendants... Give the oxygen to yourself first and then help those around you. 

Come experience:

  • Yoga

  • Guided Meditation

  • Mindful Movement

  • Sacred NAPS

  • Creative Expression

Pop Up Retreats

Needing an 'off the grid' oasis to slow down and relax? Feeling the need to ground yourself more, love yourself more and take time for a rejuvenating getaway? Our retreats offer many opportunities for self-care away from the city environment in pure natural surroundings.

Together we experience:

  • Meditation and Movement

  • Self-Care Workshops

  • Nutritious Organic Meals

  • Body Therapies

  • Comfortable Accommodations

  • Nature Excursions

Immersion Retreats

Support your team in enhancing their mind, body and spirit connection. Our passionate and knowledgeable consultants will design a wellness experience, whether one-time or ongoing, that works best for your needs, your team and those you support. 

Teams experience:

  • Wellness Tools & Techniques

  • Self-Care Training

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Group Sharing

  •  Creative Expression

Team Retreats

Finding Your Well is an offering of The Total Health Institute. We recognize the value of individual transformation and collective growth​. THI's mission is to strengthen communities by providing education and resources that offer alternative approaches to wellness and inspire healing and resilience.

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